About This Project

Put a handful of your most important suppliers in a room, and ask them how you can do better. Managing that environment, asking the right questions and getting meaningful feedback from a diverse group can often be difficult and unrewarding.

Using our Audience Voting System for a major national infrastructure department gained valuable feedback and instant data to pinpoint areas of their communication and systems that needed more attention, honing in on the groups of suppliers that they needed to better engage with.

Their Suppliers Conference grouped teams of 10 around 12 different tables, with questions being asked about key areas of their relationships, scoring their client on a scale of 1-10.

Topics included the engagement of suppliers, how they are meeting goals and the overall relationship between themselves and their client.

By asking for live feedback pseudo-anonymously, attendees could provide confidential feedback and honest opinions without the need to be singled out, supplying significantly more valuable feedback for the organisers.