About This Project

Regular viewers of The Apprentice will know the nervousness of pitching a business idea to one scary be-suited business expert, but can you imagine doing so to an audience of 100 business mentors?

Soundbite Audience Response worked with Ernst and Young and their highly successful Start Up Challenge programme, a six week programme to help startups in Digital Rights Management and Energy Trading, gain experience and market exposure.

A core section of the challenge is for 10 startup businesses to present their business idea to the audience of 100 people, with delegates voting on three key questions for each startup.

The audience were asked to vote from 1-5 on the topic of ‘Best Pitch’, ‘Best Product’ and ‘Most Innovative’ and our live and instantaneous system provided a ranking table on-screen showing how the delegates had voted.

Our clients were delighted with the system and for the time being at least, we are certainly not ‘fired’.