Interactive voting technology while web streaming

Conferences are increasingly making use of web streaming technology to enable delegates to view conferences live remotely. Now that platforms such as Youtube are offering live video streaming, this is increasing popular and is reducing costs.

If the conference is being watched remotely via web streaming, how can we allow delegates who are watching the conference remotely to participate in polling questions if that conference is using voting keypad technology?

A key feature of our voting keypads, is the ability for delegates to also use a mobile device as a voting keypad by simply inputting a URL into a web browser which opens up an app. This app enables their mobile device to be used as a keypad and allows the delegate to participate in live polls through an internet connection.

This opens up the opportunity to allow users who are watching the conference remotely (even abroad) to also participate in live polls by using their own mobile device. Our voting system software will capture their polling data through an internet connection at the same time as the local users are voting on their keypads. All votes will be counted.

In addition our system allows those users who are watching remotely, to text in questions. So if there is a Q&A session taking place they can be included.

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