Interactive Voting: Keeping your delegates engaged

Conferences are primarily about presenting information. The number one priority for a conference is for your audience to remember and retain what has been presented.

How could interactive voting help you achieve this?

In todays world we are becoming increasingly distracted. For example, smart phones are decreasing both our attention span and ability to concentrate and absorbing vast information is more of a challenge for many of us, even when that information is of interest. With the emerging Youtube generation watching short video clips as opposed to long films, keeping audiences engaged at conferences is becoming more of a challenge.

When you’re presenting information to your audience, it is said that if the information is of interest to them, they will hold your attention for 10 to 20 minutes at most. If it is not of interest then they can lose interest much more quickly and perhaps tune out within 7 seconds! This is primarily the reason TED talks are no longer than 18 minutes.

One way of solving this issue is to create mini breaks in your presentations. An example, is to ask your audience a snap question and by the show of hands, gaining a response. Otherwise an interesting fact, joke or video may help.

Using Interactive voting technology

Another way to re engage your audience is to use some interactive voting technology such as voting handsets or voting apps. Asking multiple choice questions throughout your presentation is the optimal way to engage your audience and maximise interaction from them. Audience participation increases engagement in the topic.

Interactive technology at events also has huge benefits to the presenter. It enables a presenter to gain an instant snapshot of the audience’s opinion. This can direct them in deciding which direction to take their presentation. As voting technology can be anonymous, the reliability of the answers is increased.

Soundbite productions provide interactive voting technology for conferences and events. For further information please do contact us.