Tips for presenters who are using Interactive Voting Technology

Soundbite_Photo_Retouch-2When presenters use interactive voting technology as part of their presentation, how easy is it for them to run the system from the stage?

When using an interactive voting technology provider, they will provide a technician who will be at your event to manage the system. This includes displaying the questions on screen, opening the polling and showing the results.

The slides the presenter has for his/her main presentation will always run on a separate laptop (i.e. their own) and the voting system runs on a separate laptop that is provided and operated by the interactive voting provider. The voting provider should include a switcher to enable a switch to take place between the main presentation laptop and the voting system laptop.

When it comes to the polling questions all the presenter needs to do is:

  • Ask “Can we have the first question slide?” – We will use this as a prompt to switch from the main presentation laptop (if there is one) to our voting system laptop,
  • Once the presenter has read the question they can then say “You now have 20 seconds to vote” – This will be our cue to open the polling* and start the countdown (with music if required) and allow delegates to vote with their keypads
  • Once the countdown is complete, the voting system then instantly displays the results of how delegates voted automatically

The presenter then simply indicates if he/she wants the second question or switch back to the presentation.

* We can enable an option that will allow delegates to vote when the question is displayed on screen and before the countdown starts. This often gives the presenter more control over time as they can see how many votes have been taken.

We suggest that if you’re running a main presentation at your conference it is worth adding into the powerpoint presentation a slide that says something like “Get you keypads ready” at the point you want to ask a question. This is a good prompt for both the presenter onstage and your voting technician.

Soundbite will help and assist you, clearly explain and support your presenters at your conference with your Interactive Voting Systems. Call us either at our Hampshire or London office for more information.