What we need from you (Excluding Voting Handset Hire)

When you have a technician at your event, we just require the following from you:

Three days before your event:

The questions you want to ask your delegates
It is important we receive your questions in a word document or powerpoint. Please do not send via a PDF.

A helpful layout is as follows:

Question 1 text

  • Answer 1
  • Answer 2
  • Answer 3

Question 2 text

  • Answer 1
  • Answer 2


We also require before your event:

In addition to your questions we require the following:

  • Your slide template, background and logos for use on your voting slides.
  • The event details times, location, onsite contact.
  • Details of the audio visual set up in the room or a contact person at the hotel or AV company who can provide this

* We ask to have questions 3 days before the event, to ensure maximum reliability but will often allow last minute questions and changes, even on the day. If your questions are not complete then we ask to send us what you have 3 days before so we can get things ready.

On the day:

We typically like to arrive 2 hours before your event or rehearsals to set up and test the system.

  • Some space in the room for your technician to operate two laptops, which ideally should be in sight of the presenter or very close by (i.e. at back, side of room or behind stage set).
  • A screen input (VGA or HDMI), into either the main projector or a switcher. Provided by venue or AV provider
  • A sound feed to the room audio system (if you require countdown sound effects)
  • Power socket