Frequently Asked Questions for your Audience Voting System Hire and Rental Services

What equipment is supplied when we have a technician at our event?

We arrive on site with our audience voting keypads and associated hardware.
The system runs on one laptop (plus backup), which we supply. This laptop is dedicated to voting only.
If you’re running another PowerPoint presentation, you run that on your own laptop. We then provide a VGA or HDMI switcher to switch between the laptops (if an onsite switcher is not already available)

Please note: we do not normally include any other A.V. equipment (i.e. a screen or projector as these are usually already in place) but these can be quoted for on request.

We just want to hire the keypads. Is this possible?

Yes – We can supply keypads on a dry hire bases. The keypads can be shipped to your offices. You simply ship them back to us after your event. We give full instructions on how to download and install the software on your own computers.

How long do you require on-site to set-up?

This depends on the venue and the number of keypads at your event. We can usually set up our audience response system in 60 minutes for up to around 150 – 200 keypads. We always like to allow hour and half to be well prepared.

What do you need us to provide you with?

See our article – What we need from you to make it work

How long does it take to ask each question?

This is very much down to your presenter. We have a countdown clock which we can set. Typically we tend to get the presenter to read out the question and then we start a 10 second countdown. So if you need less time its a case of the presenter reading through the questions more quickly. The results show up after the polling has closed instantly.

Can we make last minute changes?

Yes we can add or edit questions onsite and during the meeting.
Often questions can be decided during meetings and voted on.

Can the keypads easily go missing?

An advantage of our keypads is they are compact and lightweight. If the distribution of the pads are managed correctly and announcements are made then it is unlikely keypads go missing. We will help and assist you on the day.