Types of questions we can work with

Types of questions we can work with

Audience Voting System Rental and Hire

In its simplest form our audience voting systems will display a question on screen that contains multiple answers. Delegates simply vote with their handsets or mobile device to select their choice of answer and the results of how delegates voted are displayed on screen.

A summery and examples of questions the systems supports includes:

Multiple choice:

Ask a question with up to 10 answers. Participants can then vote with one answer. Results show the percentage (or count) of how people voted.


Multiple Response:

Ask a question with up to 10 answers. Each participant can choose multiple answers.


Priority ranking Questions:

Participants can respond with multiple answers ranked in order of priority. First being the highest priority.




Delegates select which demographic they fit into (i.e. job role) and then any subsequent questions that are asked, the results can be broken down into the demographics (roles) for later analysis.


Run competitions or quiz’s:

Ask questions that have a correct answer. Total up the points and show a leaderboard, to illustrate which individual or team has the highest score and also answered the quickest.


Before and After Comparison:

Ask your participants a question, then ask the same question again later on and instantly see the difference.

Advanced Comparison:

Ask a number of different questions that contain the same answers. Each answer has a score weighting. Each question is ranked according to the highest weighted score.

Other Features Include:

Countdown clock
Show a countdown on screen to give delegates a set amount of time to cast their vote.

Countdown or effect music
Add countdown or sound effects while delegates are responding.

Correct answer indicator
Where there is a correct answer to a question this can be displayed once delegates have voted.
Response Counter
There is an on-screen indicator to show the presenter how many votes have been cast.