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Our Wireless Voting Handsets

Simple and reliable Wireless Voting Handsets. Suitable for meetings up to 2000 delegates within 100m range.

Features include:

Compact, light and robust – Handset fits into the palm of your hand. Also includes an attached lanyard.

Requires no internet or venue wifi – The system uses its own dedicated wireless system that has a range of 100 meters.

Very simple to use- Delegates simply answer multiple choice questions by selecting 1 – 10 (A – J) on their keypads

Captures poll data instantly- Shows delegates responses instantly on screen

Measures demographics – Delegates can select which demographic they fit into (i.e. age, gender, job role) and then any subsequent questions that are asked. The results can be broken down into the demographics (roles) for later analysis.

Competition & Quiz – Divide your audience into teams and run quizzes. Rank team performance or single out top-performing individuals as you go.

Track individual responces – There is an option to track how each individual responded.

Anonymity- There is the option for delegates to remain anonymous, resulting in accurate and honest responses.

Post event reports – Generates summary overviews. Analyse your data by demographic sub-groups. Track responses and performance from individuals for instant assessment on the go.

Audience Response Systems

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