Audience Response App Wi-Fi Requirements

Audience Response App Wi-Fi Requirements

Audience Voting System Rental and Hire

To use the our voting app system successfully we require a venue that is ideally equipped with a Wi-Fi network that can connect and support simultaneously the of mobile devices being used.

Device Requirements

  •   2.0 kbps downstream and 5.2 kbps upstream
  •   Wi-Fi or cellular connection (a Wi-Fi connection is recommended).
  •   Internet connectivity
  •   Support for AJAX, JavaScript and HTTP requestsWi-Fi Recommendations

 Wi-Fi or cellular network capable of supporting a concentration of one simultaneous connection for each ResponseApp device located in the same coverage area on the network.


Wi-Fi Bandwidth Requirements

Number of ResponseApp devices

Available Network Bandwidth Up and Downstream




T1 or better


T3 or better


In order to use 200 ResponseApp devices, the Wi-Fi needs to support 200 simultaneous connections within the area the device are being used.

I.e. the network needs to support that all 200 devices are using the network at the exact same time from the same location.