Questions Interactive App can handle

Questions Interactive App can handle

Interactive App Hire

Our Interactive App will display a polling question on delegates devices and the main screen automatically. The questions will contain multiple answers. Delegates simply vote with their mobile device to select their choice of answer and the results of how delegates voted are displayed on screen.

A summery and examples of questions the systems supports includes:

Multiple choice:

Ask a question with up to 10 answers. Participants can then vote with one answer. Results show the percentage (or count) of how people voted.


Multiple Response:

Ask a question with up to 10 answers. Each participant can choose multiple answers.


Open-ended questions

Invite ResponseApp users to respond with free-text answers to your questions. Analyse results after the event.
A great way to show on screen responses from an open ended question is to use a word cloud. See our WordCloud article.

Before and After Comparisons

Ask your participants a question, then ask the same question again later on and instantly see the difference.

Other helpful features include:

Countdown clock
Show a countdown on screen to give delegates a set amount of time to cast their vote.

Countdown or effect music
Add countdown or sound effects while delegates are responding.

Response Counter
There is an on-screen indicator to show the presenter how many votes have been cast.