Our Audience Voting Keypads & Mobile Voting App

Our Audience Voting Keypads & Mobile Voting App

Audience Voting System Rental and Hire

There are two main options for your audience when working with our industry-leading Audience Response system, you can use the downloadable app on your smart phone/tablet or laptop, or through our easy-to-use handheld keypads.

voting handsets for live pollsOur Voting Keypads

Traditional compact voting keypads – just like on Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

  • Our small compact personal voting keypads are very simple to use and do not require internet connections.
  • Our voting keypads operate from their own radio system so it does not rely on any Wi-Fi network. The advantage is it works straight out the box without any set up required by the user – all they need to do is answer the questions.
  • The range of each keypad is roughly 100m radius from the receiver.
  • Each keypad is very compact and will fit into the palm of your hand.
  • It had a green indicator that signifies to the user that his/her vote has been received.

Voting AppThe Voting App

The App works through a standard internet browser on delegates own internet enabled devices (such as smartphones or tablets)*

  • Respond with your internet-connected mobile device or laptop without needing to download an app
  • Delegates simply enter a unique simple web address into their browser and it take them straight in
  • When questions are displayed on screen they are also displayed on the users device. The user then selects his/her answer. The results are shown on both the main screen and all users devices
  • Delegates can send questions to the presenter. The presenter views the questions on his/hers iPad. Questions can go directly or via a moderator.
  • Delegates can even send questions in prior to the meeting
  • App can show your company branding

* Requires reliable internet connection through venue Wifi or 4G connection.