How Our Voting Keypads Work

Display a question

Display a multiple choice question on screen.

Users Respond

Users respond using their voting keypads.

See the results

Results of how users voted are instantly displayed on screen and saved for later analysis.

OMBEA ResponsePad™

Our voting keypads are compact, rugged and simple to use. They can be used for conferences and events for 2- 2000 delegates.

The voting keypads work on their own radio frequency (RF) so do not require any internet or Wifi connection. Neither do they require any set up by the delegates. They simply work straight away.

Microsoft PowerPoint Integration

Our voting system works cleanly with PowerPoint. This means questions and results are displayed seamlessly with other PowerPoint presentations and match your company branding. We understand that this is especially important for large, high profile conferences and presentations where a high quality experience needs to be delivered.

voting handsets for live polls

Voting Keypad Features:

Fully custom slide layout & design to incorporate your own company branding

Requires no internet or venue Wifi

Involve offsite delegates using remote polling (while watching event via webcast)

Supports different of types of question formats (including demographics, priority ranking)

Run Competitions and Quizzes

Capture & display voting data instantly

Either track users or capture data anonymously

Audience Voting Keypad Hire Options:

(Select your option below)

With a technician at your event:

This is our recommended option. We want to provide an excellent service as well as great equipment. We prepare and test your question slides in advance and provide a technician to set up and operate the system at your event so you can be sure everything runs smoothly.

1. Before your event

We design your question slides with our simple software that can handle everything from easy yes/no style answers through to advanced group analysis, matching your brand logos and colours to the rest of your presentation.

2. At your event

Your dedicated support technician will set up and operate the system at your event. Your delegates answer questions on the handsets we provide or through their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.

3. After your event

Following your event, we will provide a full detailed analysis and report allowing you to inspect the results in full.

Operate yourselves

If you feel confident in running interactive sessions on your own and don’t require support on the day, then our audience response ‘dry’ hire service could be an ideal and cost-effective solution for you.

We generally only recommend this option if you have less than 50 delegates at your event you are familiar with voting technology.

1. Before your event

You will need to download the free Ombea Response software onto your computer.

We will then ship your required number of keypads to you with a USB receiver.

2. At your event

You program and run the audience response system yourself at your event.

3. After your event

You simply ship the voting keypads back to us via a secure courier.

Points to consider when ‘dry’ hiring our audience response system:

  • Are you a confident Microsoft PowerPoint user?
  • Are you confident using Ombea response software?
  • Do you feel comfortable programming your own interactive presentation?
  • Do you feel comfortable running your own voting sessions?

Please note: Our ‘Dry Hire’ service is for the rental of our audience response system only and doesn’t include any presentation programming, software training or onsite support. These can be added if required.

Download the free Ombea Response Software onto your own laptop. Min requirements are: MS Windows 7 & MS Powerpoint 2010. (Higher spec recommended)
You can download the software here: