Meetoo Event App Support

If you’re looking to impress your audience with an interactive app at your event, then the team at Soundbite will be delighted to help you design, plan and deliver a seamless Meetoo experience.

Meetoo is a powerful interactive event app that delegates can use on their own smart devices. It is feature packed that allows:

  • Instant feedback with live polling or questions to the presenters,
  • Gets your audience interacting and feeding back with each other through a live group chat,
  • Promoting your branding by making the app your own with your logo and company colours.

Soundbite has partnered with Meetoo to prepare and deliver the app to your event freeing you up to focus on other areas of your event.

Our Meetoo Support Service Includes:

  • Setting up and preparing the Meetoo system, (including branding and polling questions)
  • Checking venue wifi suitability,
  • Email template for clients with URL link and app instructions
  • Template with URL & QR code for delegates table print outs or other documentation,
  • Technician on the day to operate the system,
  • All associated hardware such as control computers (excluding delegates devices)
  • Integration and liaising with audio visual supplier or in-house AV,
  • Providing Meetoo licences.

Features Include:

Live Voting– Create multiple choice questions and ask your delegates to vote. It will instantly display results on both the screen and on delegates’ devices.

Surveys – Create surveys delegates can answer before your event or post event at their own pace.

Text-in questions– Each delegate can send in questions directly to the presenter. No need for raising hands and speaking into a microphone.

Pre-event questions – Delegates can send in questions before the meeting, so presenters can analyse and prepare in advance.

Group Chat- Give everyone the chance to get involved. Your audience can share ideas, add likes to comments and give feedback from their own devices.

Utilising Your Branding– The app. can use your company colours and logo.

No app. to download – Delegates can use the system on their own devices and all they need to do is enter a simple URL into their favourite internet browser.

Moderation- A moderator can decide which questions are sent to the presenter.

Track Individual Responces – There is an option to track how each individual responded.

Anonymity – Delegates can remain anonymous so they are more likely to provide honest responses.

Powerful post-event reports – Generate summary overviews. Track responses and performance from individuals for instant assessment on the go.

*The response app works using your venue Wi-Fi, which will need to be tested in advance as part of our service

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