Creating WordClouds with an Audience Response App at your Conference

A feature of our Audience Response Apps is the ability to instantly create WordClouds. WordClouds are a powerful tool for gaining instant feedback from your audience.

WordClouds are a visual representation of text. They are simply a graphic that contains a bunch of words taken from some text. The more the word is used, the larger the word is in the graphic. So rather than repeating the same word in the graphic, the word simply has a larger font.

WordCloud Examples

These are great at giving a instant visual representation of the context of a speech for example this is a word cloud of the bible. You can see what words are most represented:


Here is another example – Martin Luther Kings speech:


Using WordClouds at conferences and events

WordClouds have huge potential for use at conferences where you want to gain feedback from your audience. With our response app you can ask your delegates an open question such as:

  • How are you feeling following this mornings sessions?
  • What one word resonates with you following todays conference?
  • Summerise what you have learned today in one word?
  • Describe in one word how you feel about the coming year?
  • What makes you happy?

Once your delegates have sent in their words, we can take the words and generate a WordCloud which can be instantly shown on screen. This will then give valuable feedback for further talk or discussion that is relevant to your audience.

Here is an example of a word cloud that was recently used at an event.


For further information about our WordCloud and other features our audience response app offers please do call us on 01962 867759 or alternatively see our audience response app features page on our website.