Case Studies – Example of our Voting Handsets in Use

Soundbite Productions are proud to have supplied our audience voting handsets on some amazing events with some great clients we have built up over the years.

Below are some examples of our recent projects.

Ernest & Young – Start Up Challenge

Regular viewers of The Apprentice will know the nervousness of pitching a business idea to one scary be-suited business expert, but can you imagine doing so to an audience of 100 business mentors?

Soundbite Productions worked with Ernst and Young and their highly successful Start Up Challenge programme, a six week programme to help startups in Digital Rights Management and Energy Trading, gain experience and market exposure.

A core section of the challenge is for 10 startup businesses to present their business idea to the audience of 100 people, with delegates voting on three key questions for each startup.

The audience were asked to vote on their handsets from 1-5 on the topic of ‘Best Pitch’, ‘Best Product’ and ‘Most Innovative’ and our live and instantaneous system provided a ranking table on-screen showing how the delegates had voted.

Our clients were delighted with the system and for the time being at least, we are certainly not ‘fired’.

Supplier Conference

Put a handful of your most important suppliers in a room, and ask them how you can do better. Managing that environment, asking the right questions and getting meaningful feedback from a diverse group can often be difficult and unrewarding.

Using our Audience Voting Handsets for a major national infrastructure department gained valuable feedback and instant data to pinpoint areas of their communication and systems that needed more attention, honing in on the groups of suppliers that they needed to better engage with.

Their Suppliers Conference grouped teams of 10 around 12 different tables, with questions being asked about key areas of their relationships, scoring their client on a scale of 1-10.

Topics included the engagement of suppliers, how they are meeting goals and the overall relationship between themselves and their client.

By asking for live feedback pseudo-anonymously, attendees could provide confidential feedback and honest opinions without the need to be singled out, supplying significantly more valuable feedback for the organisers.

Knife Crime Conference

Sometimes contentious issues can be tough to debate and hear everyone’s opinions, especially a passion-packed topic such as knife crime.

Soundbite Productions was delighted to work with the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) in central London, attended by around 150 delegates including the Police, youth workers, probation officers, parents, victims of crime and social services.

Attended by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the audience were quizzed on topics such as who has the main responsibility tackle knife crime, what would influence a young person to carry a knife and what key services would be best placed to help prevent people from being in possession of a knife.

Using a live feedback format, as each question was asked, the results were submitted via our simple to use keypads, and the instant on-screen feedback allowed the delegates to participate in a discussion around how they had all voted.

Delegates were also asked about their role, which allowed for the submission of questions broken down by demographic groups to provide later analysis by the Mayor’s Office.

The Design Council in London

The Design Council in London holds regular events that debates key issues in the capital, and beyond.

Our audience voting handsets gave the opportunity for attendees to really get involved in the debate with over 100 handsets being used.
Attendees are asked a question that provokes a choice of answers through the handsets, before a debate takes place, and then they are asked a follow up question post-debate to show how opinions have changed.
The handsets and data allow the Design Council to really engage with their audience and stimulate debate in an interactive and fun way.
Winchester Business Awards

The great and the good of our local Hampshire commerce community enjoyed the use of our voting handsets for the annual glitzy Winchester Business Awards.

Over 30 tables, 30 keypads were in use as an interactive tool to engage the attendees, showing a visible and audible audience response.

On the screens we also included a leaderboard showing the names of each of the tables, and everyone could see who was the fastest responder to each question.

This event showed us the flexibility of the system which has many features for engaging audiences, providing feedback and allowing for reports for our clients to use post-event.

Conference at London Excel Centre

Our audience voting handsets was used to great effect at the famous London Excel Centre, by over 1,200 delegates at the same time.

Our client was showcasing treatments for replacement knee joints, and the system was used for doctors and surgeons to indicate how effective they felt each of the solutions were.
It provided an instant response for the conference, plugged into the existing in house installed A/V system and showed how the system can be used to get the feedback of a large number of people in a very quick time.