Audience Voting Systems: Why interact with your audience?

Audience Response Systems for Conferences and Events

Why should you interact with your audience during an event? And how can using audience voting systems help?

The success of your event is directly dependent on delegate engagement and the key to this is encouraging active participation in your audience members through interactive media. Over recent years, event technology has improved vastly to help encourage and improve delegate participation and engagement, for example, through the use of audience voting systems.

For you as a conference organiser, the utmost priority for your event is keeping your delegates engaged throughout the day, and our technology here at Audience Response Systems is designed to help you do just that.

As conferences evolve, so does technology and one of the best ways to keep your conference in the 21st century is by using the latest tech at each of your events. This will help to ensure delegates are engaged at all times. Our Audience Voting Sytems keyapds are great for this as it allows the delegates to fully engage with content and truly be a part of the event.

With research indicating that the average concentration span of an event delegate is around 20-30 minutes, keeping your audience fully involved in the event is crucial to its success.

There are a great many meetings and conferences built on a ‘one way’ format where they rely on presentation heavy content that assumes participants are empty knowledge vessels to be filled with wisdom. Without any active participation, the delegate can lose their concentration and their engagement with the content being delivered can start to dip.

Instead, a truly effective meeting can be created using a more dynamic approach where ‘learning events’ are created and interactive elements are introduced. These assume that each audience member possesses a brain rather than vacant space and creates a space where content can be discussed, voted on, debated and reflected on. This approach is more likely to deliver great results through bringing the audience’s knowledge, resources and experiences into play, increasing their engagement and participation, and creating a more positive association with the event itself.

Solutions such as Audience Voting Systems allow you to promote interaction on this level at your  event. This could involve live polling, and allowing guests to submit and vote on questions for Q&A sessions. It will also allow you to gather live analytics, engagement ratings and participant demographics throughout your event to use for future planning as well as post-event marketing purposes.

Ways in Which Audience Voting Systems Keypads Can Increase Engagement:

1. Gamification

Many people will feel drawn to the likes of varying social sites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc) without even noticing, but are almost certainly being gamed. These sites are full of features that are designed to reward and incentivise us to keep us coming back to the site and engaging further. By using our Audience Voting Systems keypads you can introduce a level of gamification to your event through live polls and instantly being able to display their voting data.

2. Discussion and Debate

Delegates can be given time to complete polls and vote on key information which can then be analysed and played back in groups to stimulate discussion and debate.  The host can also use poll results for summaries at the end of key sessions. This gets delegates actively participating in the event itself.

3. Personalised Reports

Content created by voting and poll activities (both personal and group) can be shared post event with delegates as well as kept for future information. Our Audience Voting Systems can track users and collect demographics as well as collate poll results. There will be outcomes and activities both personal and shared as a result of the event; A follow up, personalised email containing this content can help keep the event outcomes at your delegates’ fingertips as well as yours as an organiser.

4. Colour and Theming Personalisation

Many conference organisers like yourself will be aiming to create a stimulating environment from the outset with the use of colour, themes and on brand artwork. Whilst encouraging creativity and energy, this also personalises your content for your specific event. Our Audience Voting Systems can be fully customised to incorporate your own company branding.

5. Competitions and Quizzes

Everyone enjoys a little bit of healthy competition every now and then! Creating a competition or quiz at your conference with our Audience Voting Systems keypads will help to get your delegates more involved with the content as well as improving their overall experience. Conferences and events aren’t just about a lone delegate experience, but a chance to network and meet new people. Encouraging group competitions and quizzes helps to encourage this networking as well as improving engagement with the subject matter itself, resulting in delegates leaving your event feeling their time was well spent.

To use Audience Voting Systems to keep your audience engaged and even contributing towards the event you can:

Keep presentations limited to 30 minutes at a time. This will help to keep up concentration levels. These bites of information can be followed by the opportunity to reflect and discuss the content, as well as engage in interactive polls and vote on key information.

Use creative presentation formats and varied media. Our technology allows you to personalise the content so that it matches your events themes, whether that’s colour, fonts or company logos. Providing hand held devices for your delegates also provides another form of media to increase engagement.

Make your event memorable. Delegates now have high expectations of conferences and events. Their time is precious so reward them for their attendence by including unusual  elements and building energy and interaction; By surprising the audience and doing the unexpected, for example a surprise interactive poll or amusing vote off, you create the opportunity for laughter, which in turn will help improve delegate experience and feedback and increase concentration and participation levels.

Make your event a specialist workshop – Making the content of your event interactive through the use of individual Audience Voting Systems keypads for each delegate creates a personal experience for each attendee. They become personally invested in the content, likely to feel delegate satisfaction following your event, and thus increase ROI.

To view how we’ve already helped our clients interact with their audience and improve engagement through Audience Voting Systems, check out our Case Studies on our website here: .