11 reasons to hire an audience response system

Voting Handset & Voting App

If you’re thinking of using an audience response system at your conference or event, you may decide to purchase, rather than hire a system. If you’re not thinking of purchasing you may think about just hiring a box of handsets. Below are some reasons why hiring an audience response system would be preferable. However, not only hire an audience response system but include technical support.

1 – Costs & Staff to Manage – If you’re only looking to use an audience response system 8 times a year or less, then hiring a system will be more cost effective. When you purchase a system you will have your initial cost of the system and the ongoing maintenance and storage costs. You will also require staff to learn how to use the system and be able to operate it reliably at conferences or meetings. When you’re hiring audience response systems, you’re not just hiring the keypads, you’re also hiring expertise, simplicity and reliability.

2 – Your Time – When you hire a system with support you are saving yourself time in preparing the audience response system for your conference and this allows you to focus on other things. The audience response system as far as you’re concerned, takes care of itself.

3 – Up to date and reliable technology – Companies who supply audience response systems should always have up to date keypads and technology. Plus, the computer systems should be dedicated to the system and be of the highest spec and with the most up-to-date software.

4 – Have the number of keypads you require – When you hire an audience response system you will be provided with the number of voting handsets you require for your event plus spare handsets for those extra delegates who may turn up last minute. You may have one meeting with only 20 delegates but you may have another with 200. When hiring a system you will never be short of keypads.

5 – Pre-event support – By using a company to supply your systems they should just ask you for your voting questions on a document plus any of your company branding or powerpoint template. This is so they can design your question slides and allow them to blend it with the rest of your conference presentation. In addition they should also be able to advise and support you with your question choices. They will also contact the conference venue or the Audio visual company to find out what screens they have and the compatibility of the equipment.

6 – Integration with the Audio Visual Equipment – The system will require a screen to connect to, in turn allowing delegates to see the results of how they voted. As the audience response system runs from its own dedicated laptop, there should be adequate equipment provided which ensures the provider to switch the screen between the two laptops. The company should as standard supply all the cables and switchers necessary to achieve this, if that facility is not at the venue already.

7 – Back Up Equipment – Reliability of the system should be the upmost importance to your supplier. Therefore your supplier should provide you with backup equipment including a backup laptop. So if the unexpected happens there is always a backup system to fall back on. Not only that the technician will also have the expertise to be able to recover date quickly should a failure happen.

8 – Set up, Configuration & Testing – Before the voting handsets and computers leave the hire company all handsets should be tested with the computers running your presentation.
While the audience response system will work flawlessly in your conference venue and it uses its own RF (Radio) system, there is a chance it can interfere where the venue has lots of Wifi services. So it is important this is tested and if required a channel change is made on the handsets if required.

9 – Reliable Operation and Results – During the conference you have a professional operator that will be able to operate the system and display the results. This person will advance the question slides and switch the screen between the presenters laptop and the voting laptop.

10 – Instruct your presenters – Your voting technician will also instruct, show and encourage the presenters who are using the audience response system how it works, allowing them to practice. They will agree on clear instructions (Cues) on when to display the question slide and when to display the results.

11 – Get the results you want –  Once all the polling has taken place your technician will be able to produce instant reports and assist you in extracting or manipulating the results to get the data you require.

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