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Audience Response Systems for Conferences & Events

Our audience response systems allow you to display live feedback from your audience showing their opinions and knowledge during your conference or event.

Our voting keypads are simple to use. They do not require any set up or configuring by the user and do not require venue wifi or cellular internet connections. This offers maximum participation and reliability from the audience.

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Audience Response Systems

Our Audience Response System Hire Options

With a technician at your event

For maximum reliability and peace of mind we prepare your question slides in advance and provide a technician to operate the system on the day.

Operate yourselves

If you feel confident in preparing your questions and can operate the voting system on the day, you can simply hire our voting keypads. They will be delivered to you.

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About Us

Soundbite Productions provides audience response systems and interactive technology for conferences and events. Founded by AV industry expert Stephen Lucas back in 2004 following a successful technical and AV operational career.

Steve has a solid background in providing AV and interactive event solutions you can trust.  Early work on corporate events has progressed organically from a strong knowledge of technical operations to also understanding the needs and requirements of each individual client.

Steve has used this experience to build a strong team of technical professionals, providing clients like yourselves with a knowledgeable and reliable partners to transform your specific event into the engaging platform you want it to be.

By working with Soundbite, we will work closely with you to identify what you would like to achieve and then provide a reliable solution.

Our attention to detail is second to none, and we have proven our trustworthiness through our work on hundreds of events for the public sector, large companies, charities and many well known brands. You can have confidence that we are the perfect partners to support you through designing, planning and delivering audience response systems and voting systems for your important conference or event.

Drop us a line today and utilise our expert ears and eyes to provide specialist consultation and advice at every stage of your event.