How It Works

How It Works

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Our Audience Voting System allows delegates to feedback opinions and knowledge during a conference or meeting.

Our voting systems are used to engage people, measure feedback, train staff, conduct focus-groups and vote in a variety of industries for events where keeping the audience fully interested is vital. We use a system that is trusted by the world’s leading brands and provide it throughout the UK including London and Hampshire.

The Service We Provide You

1. Before your event

We design your question slides with our simple software that can handle easy yes/no style answers through to advanced group analysis, matching your brand logos and colours to the rest of your presentation.

2. At your event

Your dedicated support technician will set up and operate the system at your event. Your delegates answer questions on the handsets we provide or through their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.

3. After your event

Following your event, we will provide a full detailed analysis and report allowing you to inspect the results in full.

Our Audience Voting System Options:

voting handsets for live polls

Voting Keypad

Compact voting keypads for every delegate, Our voting keypads are very simple to use and requires no internet or venue Wifi. Ideal for conferences and events with either 20 delegates or 2000 delegates.

Key Features Include

Simple to use

Captures voting data instantly

Measure Demographics 

Competition & Quiz


Requires no internet or venue Wifi 

Involve offsite delegates using remote polling
(while watching event via webcast)

Voting App for live polls

Voting App

You can use your internet enabled device (such as smartphone) to respond to polling questions through local wifi or cellular networks. The app can be accessed through an internet browser. There is no need to download any special apps.

Key Features Include

Live Polling

Group Chat

Text in questions



Utilising Your Branding

No app. to download

Benefits of our Audience Voting System:

Increase Interest

Delegates will be more focused at your event. Audience voting systems increases interest.

Increase Enjoyment

Instantly displaying the results of audience voting increases enjoyment for both delagates and presenters.

Create Discussion

Instant voting responses can encourage new areas of discussion at your conference or event.

Honest Feedback

Gain honest feedback from delegates as responses and feedback can be anonymous.

Valuable Data

Post-event voting reports provide valuable data showing opinions of indevidual delegates, groups, change of opinions during an event.


Run quizzes and competitions at your conference or event to create competitiveness amongst teams or individuals. Show leaderboards with the highest score or quickest on the button!